How to hide "via email server" from the email address sent

Dear experts, appreciate your assistance.

I have used a marketing software to send marketing materials.  The emails are sent with the address via this software.  Is there a way I can hide this software's mail server name.

Thank you in advance.
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Andrew LeniartSenior EditorCommented:
In answer to your query, it is not possible to hide the mail server ID on 3rd party marketing emails as you have no control over the sending vehicle.

In short - No, it's not possible.

It may be possible to 'spoof' the mail server ID if using your own mail server, however, doing so would most likely end up with your domain being blacklisted by anti-spam websites and other spam watching services. Not advisable to try.

Hope that helps.
mk50Author Commented:
Thanks, Andrew. I am on window, Gmail.  Just want to know whether it can be done in general.
I am not sure where you are seeing the mail server's name, but it will always appear in the mail headers when the server is properly configured. Most users don't look at the headers or even know about them. It's something that us old school folks do on a semi-regular basis.
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