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I have configured local domain e.g test.co.ke thesame domain is hosted externally with a website. On thesame server i have configured DNS and DHCP. My issue is within the LAN i cannot reach to the website hosted externally instead it loads default IIS page. My Server Runs Windows server 2012.

Kindly assist so the users on the LAN can acess in this case www.test.co.ke

Thanks in Advance
Peter KipropAsked:
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Hi Peter,

You need to setup your internal DNS to resolve the external website hostname to the IP address of the web host.

When you use the same public domain for your internal domain, as Alan pointed out, you have to maintain the internal reference.
Be careful as the only thing you can point to the outside is www.yourdomain.com the yourdomain.com record will always refer to the internal server meaning you have to setup on your internal IIS a redirect to requests for yourdomain.com to www.yourdomain.com but this .........

This is why usually, AD domains were/should not use public domains.

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If you are still testing and not finalised, you could make your internal domain name something like:


Rather than:


Anything that cannot (or is at least highly unlikely to ever) resolve to a valid external hostname.

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nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
or the more standard test.local (or co.ke.local)....
.local domains are meant to do that, keep access to local systems.

I actually prefer to use ad as a prefix (such as ad.example.com) as it is short (only three more characters).

I know a lot of people use internal (internal.example.com) which is also fine, and perhaps more 'descriptive', but more characters too.

The problem with using, say, .local is that you cannot get a cert for it from a CA.  You can make your own, but then you have to install the root cert on all devices that are going to use it.

DrDave242Senior Support EngineerCommented:
If you browse to http://www.test.co.ke from outside, does the URL change to http://test.co.ke when the page loads? If so, there's an HTTP redirect on the site that will need to be removed (which will likely require a call to the webhost). Once that's removed, you should be able to simply create a host record named www in your internal DNS and give it the IP address of the website.

As has already been mentioned, though, giving your AD domain the same name as your registered public domain is generally not a good idea.
Peter KipropAuthor Commented:
always make internal domain be different from the external domain
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