get-aduser not returning lastlogontimestamp

I've ran get-aduser to get all attributes but bizarrely for users it doesn't include the lastlogontimestamp. The same command from get-adcomputer does run and return that field, but get-aduser does not. any theory why that may be. lastlogondate is populated but my understanding was its not particularly accurate and lastlogontimestamp is reflective of any DC last logged into. I am unsure it this is to do with their AD setup or any other theories?
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Kevin StanushApplication DeveloperCommented:
Include the exact command that you are using.  If these are new user accounts, it won't be populated until the update mechanism/formula triggers the update.
pma111Author Commented:
Its not returning the column at all in the report its not just blank for some users and not others it doesnt return the column
pma111Author Commented:
Get-aduser -properties * -filter * | export-csv

Weirdly running the same for get-adcomputer did return that property.
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Kevin StanushApplication DeveloperCommented:
Get all properties is sort of messy, so try just instead:

get-aduser -properties name,displayname,lastlogontimestamp -filter *

I suspect that the default view is just leaving this attribute out.

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M SCommented:
All "Get-AD*"-CMDLets uses two sets of Properties. Default Properties and Extended Properties.

Default properties will be included in your output, if u do not specify the "-Properties" Parameter. Extended Properties must be specified for being included in your output.

lastlogontimestamp is an extended property :)

Here is an overview of the Default and Extended Properties of "Get-ADUser". MS Technet
Naveen SharmaCommented:
Try something like:
Get-aduser -filter * -properties * | ft name,lastlogon,lastlogontimestamp,lastlogondate

Open in new window

The LastLogonTimeStamp Attribute – What it was designed for and how it works:

Detect Last Logon Date and Time for all Active Directory Users:
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