Arithmetic overflow error converting float to data type numeric

Hello guys,

I have a query that is resulting me an error:

Arithmetic overflow error converting float to data type numeric

convert(numeric(14,2),round(convert(numeric(17,8),qtdpro)*round(convert(numeric(17,8),prunit)*convert(numeric(17,8),(1-(a.pdes/100)) ), dbo.fn_DigitosValor())  +convert(numeric(17,2),(a.FRETE+a.SEGURO+a.OUTDESP),2),2)) as BASCSLL
from aripco a,arpco b 
where (a.numped = b.numped and a.seqped = b.seqped) 
  and qtdpro > 0 
  and prunit > 0 
  and b.flagoriginal = 0 

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How could I get the row that is resulting me this error?

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larryhConnect With a Mentor Sr. Software EngineerCommented:
You will want to look at the definition of how large/precise a float can be compared to a numeric.  Also, a float is by definition "approximate" while a numeric is "precise".
Microsoft docs say
Approximate-number data types for use with floating point numeric data. Floating point data is approximate; therefore, not all values in the data type range can be represented exactly.
.  See

You probably have a float that is larger (either positive or negative) than the maximum/minimum values for numeric.  Look up the definition of numeric and do a query where the float value is above/below the maximum/minimum.
hidrauAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot
hidrauAuthor Commented:
thanks a lot
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