V7R1 to V7R3:  User Job Logs Printing after upgrade

Matthew Roessner
Matthew Roessner used Ask the Experts™
We have recently upgraded from V7R1 to V7R3 on a number of our IBM i servers.  Since upgrading, our user's job logs are being sent to their assigned printer when they log out of the system.  Does anyone know what system setting would have changed that is causing this to happen? I would like to set things back to normal ASAP.

I appreciate any insight into the issue!
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VP Technology / Senior Consultant
Probably because someone changed system-supplied printer files in QSYS at some point in the past, and they got replaced on upgrade.  


If changes to system objects are absolutely necessary, I suggest that you either keep a central log of all changes so that they can be reproduced after an upgrade, or, even better, create a CL program to apply the changes, and make running that CL a "final step" in every upgrade process.  

If you really want to get fancy, add it to your system start-up program.  The data area QSS1MRI contains the current VRM.  Create a copy of QSS1MRI in a user library, and compare the two each time the system starts up.  If they don't match, run your post-upgrade script, and update the user copy of QSS1MRI.

It is occasionally possible that applying a TR or PTF could also undo one of your changes.  If that happens, you can just run the post-upgrade script manually, or you could design a similar process to detect PTF application.

Some shops also keep copies of modified OS objects in a separate lib, and add that lib to the top of the system portion of the library list.  This works for most modified objects, except where the QSYS lib is hardcoded.  It also means that you could have back-level objects in this lib after an upgrade that could cause problems.  But at least it gives you a very obvious place to look.
Matthew RoessnerSenior Systems Programmer


Thanks for the suggestions Gary. I certainly like your idea of adding the compare to the start-up script.   For our specific problem, I modified the following PRTF and it resolved the issue:

Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant

Happy to help, Matthew.

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