Apple request overkill

I have a customer who has one of their employees requesting this computer for his work.
Apple BTO iMac Pro 27" 5K Xeon 10C W 3.0GHz 128GB 4TB SSD Vega64 MagicMouse2 MagicKeyboardKeypad MacOS
They are a small theater and he does some video editing but nothing out of the ordinary.  
The cost is around $12,000.00.  I believe this is extreme for what he does on a daily basis.  I am not an Apple "guy" so who would use this type of computer?  I would like to let the customer this is overkill but need a little ammunition before spouting off.
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That sounds like a system for an extremely busy Youtuber with daily videos.
Even if he doesn't need it, and the budget is there, he will get his video editing finished faster than with a cheaper system. It's not always money wasted, except if he's delivering one short video every month.
Need for expensive systems are:
- too much waiting (production line gets swarmed)
- newer, more extensive effects (3D, animation, tracking, etc)
- amount and quality of source material (working with 10 long 4K streams, or just 2 HD movies, is quite a difference)
- longevity (means it takes a few more years before you need to totally replace this hardware)
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
I was Apple certified in 1978 and one of my largest beefs with their current products is that they cost way more than the hardware is worth (like 250% more!).
Matching the hardware specs using a PC ought to be about $4,500; but, I question the need for a 4TB SSD or a 5K display.  Unless everything he might use supports 4K+ resolutions (even the cables), it's a waste that will not be usable.
brismaAuthor Commented:
I appreciate the feedback and the time you took to answer my request.
What does the user currently have?  What software does he use?

I'm suspicious of the need for the 4 TB SSD.  Maybe trim it down to 1 TB and buy a separate, cheaper spinning disk for longer term storage.
128 GB also seems a lot.  64 GB might be better, depending on what exactly he's doing on the server.
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