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excel formulas not staying with file

Have a user that has an excel file emailed to them from another user.  They open the file and add some formulas to it and save it to a folder and then email it back to the other user.  That user (the one that emailed it in the first place) edits some of the formulas and creates new ones and types some info in the file and when they email it back to the user that created the formulas, the formulas are not there.  I know it sounds weird but that is what THEY say is happeing.  I have not witnessed this with my own eyes.  Any ideas?
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One of the users is probably saving their changes, but sending back the emailed file.

Better that they use a link to the actual file location on the network and not try and attach it.
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they are in different offices
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they are in different offices
Zalazar's idea of making a new procedure is good. Alternatively use a cloud drive where they both have access.
The user sent me this screenshot.  Sorry about the quality.  Does this have something to do with the problem?
Hey.  Just found out from the user that the excel file is linked to 3 other reports!  and only the main excel file is being emailed .  Would this make the problem we are experiencing?  I assume it would.
It would explain why the data wasn't what they are expecting, but it wouldn't explain changes not being carried.
I would say that I already said they should save the document first and only send links before you accepted the second answer that said the same thing.