Acronis - server drivers for cloning

Dear Experts,

I have 13 Lenovo SR650 servers.

I tried to run Acronis and of course the hard drive could not be detected.

What type drivers do I need to run on the acronis is it raid drivers or hdd drivers?
Anonymous KHIT EngineerAsked:
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Sam Simon NasserConnect With a Mentor IT Support ProfessionalCommented:
you should install RAID / SATA drivers
Lee W, MVPConnect With a Mentor Technology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
You should also make sure you sysprep the OS before cloning (proper term is IMAGING).
Sam Simon NasserIT Support ProfessionalCommented:
btw, what cloning software do you use? acronis? symantec ghost?
Anonymous KHIT EngineerAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys.

I found that i downloaded the wrong driver even though the text read suitable for that controller but i did not read that the tile it is a firmware for BIOS.

In the end, my boss told me that I must go into the inf file and search for the text "930" which is the name of the raid controller. Then this will be the correct driver to inject into the acronis boot.wim

Hi! Lee,

Yes my boss told me to do the sysprep before cloning, thanks.
Anonymous KHIT EngineerAuthor Commented:
Hi! Sam,

I am using Acronis 2017 Bootable Media.
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