Need Flex connector for SWIFT banking application

I need to integrate SWIFT Banking application to ArcSight.
Need to understand what kind of logs will SWIFT application will generate?
Whether it is capable to have generating security logs?
what is the log format of SWIFT Banking application?
Whether the application is able to export the logs in CSV file or syslog ?
What kind of logs need to be collected while integrating the application to SIEM tool?
Will SWIFT application is supported for both Windows and LINUX platforms?

Thanks in advance!
Sandeep Sharma PAsked:
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dfkeConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Not that I know of but you surely can use SNMP.

Unfortunately there is no dedicated Swift SNMP connector. However, you can create a FlexConnector for this:

There is a section that covers off SNMP on this and will walk you through the process. Also, take a look at the SNMP Unified connector for some information on what is needed to setup on this.

The Unified connector for SNMP won't solve this  but you can take a look at the process for the installation and then the FlexConnector guide on how to create the connector for the SNMP events.


With my comment this question can be solved.  

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