Operation must use an updateable query visual studio 2017

I created an application using visual studio.net 2017 and MS Access and was working fine in Windows 10. But when I created an installer and installed in windows 7 pc, I encountered an error "Operation must use an updateable query" and cannot update the information.
Kindly advise
Senthil Kumar AravindarAsked:
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>> visual studio.net 2017 and MS Access

With this set up, if it was working fine in Windows 10, but not when you installed it on a Windows 7 machine, with no other changes - I'd check the permissions on the folder that you have placed the Access file in.  Users need Read, Write, Delete permissions.
Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
With that little information, we can only guess wildly.

How about posting the offending query?
Alexandre TakacsCTOCommented:
You will indeed have to give more details on this one. When you mention MS access are we to understand that you store data in a mdb file? And the UI in.net?
The Original Poster actually endorsed my comment.  If a database, placed in a new environment with no other changes is openable but unwritable... permissions are a very likely culprit.  Not really concerned about the points, but the OP did seem to hint that my comment actually helped.
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