Limitations in sending via SMTP Connector

Hy everybody.

We are Facing a Situation in an Exchange 2010 Environment.
We got a sending connector (smpt) wich hast the following restrictions:

1. Sending not more than 1000 Mails per Hour is NOT allowed
2. Sending to more than 50 receipients is NOT allowed
3. Sending mote than 100 MB per Hour is NOT allowed

The Question is simple: How can i configure that?

Many many thanks in Advance
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Adam BrownSr Solutions ArchitectCommented:
Unfortunately, it isn't possible to throttle the mailflow speed using the parameters you have here and set the scope as you define. The explanation for this is a little complex, but suffice to say that an Exchange Send connector isn't used by clients for anything. Only receive connectors are. Send connectors are used by the Exchange server to route mail. Receive connectors are what clients connect to if they want to send mail through SMTP.

That said, the throttling controls in Exchange are limited to Exchange features and preventing users from over-utilizing the server. Explains the throttling limits that are available.

 The limits you define are not directly manageable in Exchange, but you can come close. For instance, You can set a throttling policy to limit messages to a specific number of messages per minute, but not per hour. You can set the maximum size of an individual email, but not the size of a group of emails over a period of time.

The one parameter you have that is easy do is the maximum number of recipients. Covers how you can manage the maximum number of recipients per message. Just note, though, that distribution lists in Exchange count as a *single recipient* so it's fairly easy to get around that limit.
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