Calculating Date of Birth

I have a table with Register_ Year, Date of Birth.  I need to calculate Age using 01-10-Register_ Year and Date of Birth.  Can anyone help with this in Oracle
Coco BeansDesignerAsked:
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you better should try straight-forward


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and avoid those many unneeded conversions.

slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
I would use:  MONTHS_BETWEEN(to_date('01-20-'||register_year,'MM-DD-YYYY'),DOB)/12

It might not be exact but you get the idea.
Mark GeerlingsDatabase AdministratorCommented:
What are the data types of your two columns: Register_ Year and Date of Birth?

If "Date of Birth" is already a "date" column, it seems that you would not need to calculate a date of birth.  But, if that column is actually a VARCHAR2, CHAR or NUMBER column that contains a month and day, then doing this calculation becomes more complex.  The biggest challenge then is likely to be "dirty data", that is: values that don't fit a consistent pattern, or are incomplete, or have invalid values, like "Feb. 30" or "13" for a numeric month.
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If "Date of Birth" is already a "date" column, it seems that you would not need to calculate a date of birth.

the title was wrong. the right question is  

How to calculate the age from 'register year' and 'date of birth'. 

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as told in the body of the question.

my problem is that i don't know what
1-10 register_year
 is? is it a 4-digit year (string) as assumed by slightwv? or is it the indices 1,2,..10 pointing to a table of register years?

Coco, can you give better information?

Coco BeansDesignerAuthor Commented:
Calculated like this..

slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
>>you better should try straight-forward

That would be great if YEAR was an Oracle function:
extract(year from birth_date)
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