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Merge 3 workbooks into new workbook

Hi All,

I have what seems to be a huge task and as I am not at all skilled in VBA it seems even more daunting..

This is the scenario:

1) Everyday there are 3 csv files exported; Each of them come from the 3 tools that manage employee records

2) These 3 csv files contain the TERMINATIONS of users who's access need to be revoked on that day

3) Each csv is named Date_Terminations_ToolName; I have already got the script that copies these files into a new folder and renames them without the date - Terminations_ToolName

4) Each csv file contains the records for employees who's access needed to be revoked for the past 6 months; The first thing I need to do is sort/filter the current days date to the top of the worksheet

5) Then I need to copy the rows that contain the current date into the Terminations_Template file

6) One issue is that the name of the sheet in each csv file is named the same as the original file name - Date_Terminations_ToolName

In a nutshell, I require code that will identify the columns in each workbook by the current day and copy those adjacent rows to the Terminations_Template workbook.
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