Could you point internet server providers that offer FAS (FoxinCloud Application Server) ?

Hi Experts

To run FoxinCloud it is necessary to contract a "special" internet provider that runs FAS (FoxinCloud Application Server) isn't it?

(f.e. my actual plan allows only to develop under Apache - I'm using PHP, since FAS it's not a very common server I guess it's not so easy to find)

Do you know who offer this and the conditions?

More: Have you ever used this technology, do you think is it really a good alternative?

Thanks in advance
Eduardo FuerteDeveloper and AnalystAsked:
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Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
Eduardo, It looks like the server just has to be a Windows server

I have not used FoxPro since the early 90's. I thought it went out of production not too long after that.  I do think you will be much better off using MS SQL Server if windows, MariaDB/MySQl or one of the databases on AWS or Azure.  Then make your own html pages.
Eduardo FuerteDeveloper and AnalystAuthor Commented:
Hi Scott

Unofficial VFP patches are still under development. And official VFP tools are still supported by the community.

Like the name suggest Foxin"Cloud" is a relatively recent development platform.

Since I have a VFP legate, I'm interested in an independent opnion about  and how to put a site in production at a internet server provider, not just on an intranet.
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
While the FoxinCloud may be new, isn't it still using FoxPro? From what I understand whatever went into FoxPro merged into Access. FoxPro has not been under development for over 10 years.  At this point, I would stick with SQL Server for a intranet or internet site.

Regardless, I thought your question was, "Could you point internet server providers that offer FAS".  From the documentation, it shows any windows server would work.  Under the FAQ:
nside your LAN with or without Internet access, by a dedicated hosting company with web access and maybe a LAN access through a VPN, etc. You can just choose the configuration that best suits your security and access needs.  ... ... If ever you choose a configuration with 2 completely separated Web and LAN Servers, and your application uses a VFP database, you can take advantage of the VFP database synchronization class supplied with FoxInCloud to synchronize both ways the data updates on your LAN and Web databases; this class can be packaged as an executable that you schedule to execute every 2-3 minutes so that Web and LAN users see the same data.

To me this process does not seem right as far as having to rely on syncing with a local or lan db. If you are going to develop a web app be it a internet or intranet, you will be better off using the database for what it is intended, to store and query data. Then make up your html and server side pages as needed.

There are also third party products that can sync to your online database and allow you to make dashboards and reports without knowing how to use a server side language.

I guess my own opinion is to stay clear unless you are just a FoxPro fan and want to see how it works. In that case, any Windows environment.
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Eduardo FuerteDeveloper and AnalystAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your concerns.

But in my case, I intend to reuse the VFP code - the platform I used intensely and did the job - with the minimum efforts I could. I know there are many better and more appropriate technologies.

I'm not worried about the weaknesses of the VFP during its history or it's the discontinuity. Just to use what I had develop and runs!

Proffessionally, I'm using PHP / jQuery / CSS / HTLM .. and MySQL - but the efforts to translate / adapt all my VFP code (parts of it 20+ years) into a volunteer work (no winnings) is something I can not stand. So, I wonder if anyone on this site actually used FoxinCloud / FAS.

My public internet provider only hosts 02 types of servers: Apache (Tomcat / PHP) or IIS.

The FAS is something completely unknown to them and no plan is offered.

Maybe, somewhere (internationally), an internet provider can offer that, which I asked may be interesting in my particular case. Just that.
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
I understand that completely.

From the FAQ, it looks like any iis server will do. You have to have access as an administrator which means a dedicated or VPS.  

While it does say it can run on Windows with IIS or Apache, my own experience with Apache on IIS has not been very good and especially if you do not have a lot of memory.  I have been very happy with using I started with a VPS a long time ago and now use dedicated.  

Good luck to you.

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Eduardo FuerteDeveloper and AnalystAuthor Commented:
Thank you for suggestions and atention!
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