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Can I point a CNAME at a specific instance within a SQL server? Not just the server itself

I am working with a database admin. She needs me to create a CNAME on our DNS server that points to a specific "instance" on a SQL server. I created a basic CNAME and pointed it at the server where SQL is installed but it right now she sees it as pointing to the default instance. I am not a SQL person, but is there a way for me to create a CNAME or even a HOST entry and point it to a specific instance within a SQL server? Not just the server itself? We are using Windows 2012 and SQL 2012.
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Travis MartinezSmoke JumperCommented:
I had help finding this:


The short answer is no, not directly.  The much longer answer as the link describes above is configuring the SQL instance to listen on a specific port, 1443 for the IP address given.
Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
No. The way to point to a specific SQL Server instance is ServerName\InstanceName or ServerName,portNumber.
Scott PletcherSenior DBACommented:
I think you can point the CNAME to the specific IP address of the instance, but I am not a networking person and do not claim any addressing expertise.
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Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
@Scott: The problem is that you can have more than one SQL Server instance on an IP address. The question is how to solve that issue with a CNAME.
Scott PletcherSenior DBACommented:

Interesting.  Maybe it's just the port that has to be different.  As I said, I'm not an expert in that area.

I know at one place they assigned unique addresses, but that was probably just their preference.
Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
That was my understanding:
"(...)is there a way for me to create a CNAME or even a HOST entry and point it to a specific instance within a SQL server?"
nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
DNS (CNAME, A, AAAA etc.) is a translatoin service for humans to translate a host/domain name into an IP address.
IP connections only can be done on Ipaddres/port pairs, something that is hard for humans to handle in large amounts.

As there is NO connections between DNS and database content a change of CNAME will not help.
(For webservers it is slightly different, as a webserver is told the name afterward inside the query, something that not a lot of protocols do regularly).
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