Web page access inconsistant accross browsing device type

A web page (a time management application) hosted from a windows server 2008 R2 web server cannot be displayed (times out) when viewing from any workstation, but can from any server I've tried.  The particular page is the landing page from the login, which displays data that I'm sure is connected to the database back end (it shows the logged timecards), so it appears that the login just doesn't work unless you manually type in the URL to advance to a different page.  
  • I noticed that the SQL reporting service was failing to start due to the length of time it too to start, but I bypassed that issue.  It may be related though, if a page time out is the cause of the issue
  • The fact that I can log into the database and browse to that page from both the local host and other windows 2012 servers seems to be significant

This issue started less than 24hrs ago, and absolutely no changes have been made to this server before the issue.  I have since restarted the server.  It's probably worth mentioning that recycling the application pool on the IIS server allows the user to advance momentarily to the inaccessible page, but that only lasts for moments during/after the recycling.
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Intelli-SeekerConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Turns out this was an Antivirus issue.  Vipre IPS is selectively blocking one page from the web server.
Intelli-SeekerAuthor Commented:
(The reason it worked from certain devices was a difference in the A/V profile of the devices.)
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