How to tell who created a user account

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A local account was created and changed on a Windows 2008 R2 member server by a hacker. I have auditing on. Normally when an account is added or changed, the user account that made the change is listed under Subject / Security  ID.

In this case event logs show:
Security ID:  System
Account name: Servername$
Account Domain:  WindowsDomain
login ID:  0x3ef

I have reason to believe they got the password for the local administrator account but am not 100% sure. Based on the event log, how do I know who created it?
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Sam Simon NasserIT Support Professional

check the information and steps mentioned here as they might help


That link shows security ID nh\peterg. That is easy to see who did it.  Mine shows "System." That does not tell me who did it
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The login ID:  0x3ef is telling you the Hexadecimal version of the unique number tied to the user account's SSID. Run
wmic useraccount get caption,sid

Open in new window

in CMD, look for the user with a 1007 (0x3ef is hexadecimal for 1007) at the end of their SID, and that's the account that was used to create the new account.
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The services that the server has running and exposed to the net,
Local account creation suggests a service that rubs as local system was conpromised.

Point being, the comprise wax do be through the use of the system account,
Hello ThereSystem Administrator
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What do you want o know? Which account created the user or which person it was?
You will never know which person it was...
And account? If you have one admin account... same as above.
If you haven't enabled auditing... same as above.

I don't think there is anything on the object itself that would tell you that. You most likely would have to enable auditing and then look back at the audit logs to see which user was responsible for creating the object (user account).


I was able to find the account using the wmic command. Any idea why the event log entry did not show that username?
Adam BrownSenior Systems Admin
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The audit probably showed up like that because the account was created using the command line with a utility that is designed to act as the system account.


Thanks a lot for the answer and explanation.
Here is an another informative article which lets you how to keep track of user creation in Active Directory:

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