Why does Report Viewer work in an ASP.NET website on Windows computer browsers and not Mac Chrome or Safari

Report Viewer works on ASP.NET Website but not Mac. Shows Blank pages.  Some posts indicate it has to do with overflow:auto defauting to hidden on Mac and visible on Windows.
ROBERT MECHLERProgramming managerAsked:
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ROBERT MECHLERProgramming managerAuthor Commented:
Leased a Mac to use Chrome and see the error I'm getting. It reports that it can't find the RDLC report and returns a 404 and then it aborts on a second try.
The issue turned out to be some Javascript that worked on Windows and not Mac. Specifically the "new Date()" string. With Windows the timezone is something like (Central Standard Time) and with the Mac it is (CST). The code I was using assumed I'd have to split up (Central Standard Time) into three words separated by a space and then slice off the first character of each word to for CST. Doing that on (EST) threw an undefined type error. Javascript often does not throw an error in this situation but it ended trying to pass something other than a string to the RDLC report and it wouldn't run. Had to rent a Mac and learn how to use the Chrome Developer tools on a Mac Book laptop. The console identified the error right away. I set up a small test with just the Javascript code and used a simple if structure to extract the timezone based on the length between the parens.

Just glad it wasn't the overflow:auto everybody was pointing too.

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ROBERT MECHLERProgramming managerAuthor Commented:
Used Dev tools on a leased Mac to see the difference in what new Date() returns and modified my formatting to account for the differences between Windows and Mac
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