Recommended way for syncing One Note notebooks between local PC and Sharepoint 365?

We are using Office 365 Sharepoint for storing One Note files. The users access these files via a mapped drive on their PCs. The users work on the notebooks with the desktop One Note application. The mapped drive is just pointing to the online Sharepoint site where the files are stored. This setup works but the issue is that when a user wants to create a new notebook or file...the mapped drive frequently displays an error saying it cannot be accessed. This is because the user needs to re-authenticate with Office 365. That means they have to:

1. Open Internet Explorer (no other browser, not even Edge, works)
2. Log into Office 365
3. Open Sharepoint
4. Navigate to the Site and go to Documents
5. Select to 'Open in Windows Explorer'
6. Now they can access the mapped drive.
7. In the OneNote desktop app, they can now browse to the drive to add/create new OneNote files.

Clearly, it's too many steps to reasonably expect users to do every time they want to create new OneNote files.
Microsoft has built the 'One Drive for Business' app for syncing files but unfortunately OneNote files are a special case where this app doesn't work. All the app does is create a URL shortcut to the location of the file online. There is no way the user can use this sync function to create new OneNote files.

What is the best way to set up this sync so users can avoid the hassle of doing steps 1-7 every time they want to create a new One Note? Maybe Microsoft hasn't built a way...are there any third party applications which solve this problem?
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Karen FalandaysTraining SpecialistCommented:
Which version of Windows are you using? Take a look at the article below, but it appears there is a known issue with Windows 7

Brandon LyonSenior Frontend DeveloperCommented:
Maybe I'm missing something but why not use OneNote's normal built-in cloud sync?
Richard DanekeTrainerCommented:
I reinforce Brandon's comment.
If your local drive is a OneDrive folder set to automatically sync to the Office365 folders, this issue should go away.

Install OneDrve for Office365 on the local computers.  Configure to sync at a minimum the OneNote folder.  You can then disconnect the shared drive folder and point to the OneDrive folder on the local computer.
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SeeDkAuthor Commented:
Unless I did something wrong in following your instructions..this doesn't work. I mentioned in my question I already tried the OneDrive app.
I downloaded OneDrive for Business. I pointed it to sync with the Sharepoint location where the OneNotes are located.
Now in the PC I have that location being synced and for Excel and Word documents - it looks normal.
For OneNote documents though, it shows an 'Internet Shortcut' file with the same name as the OneNotes in Sharepoint.

If I click on these files - the browser opens the file in OneNote online- not what I am looking for.
If I go into OneNote and browse to these files - nothing happens.

This is a fairly well-known issue:

I had hoped someone here had found a way to workaround better than my current workaround.
Karen FalandaysTraining SpecialistCommented:
Hi SeeDk, I am unable to replicate your issue. I have Notebooks on SharePoint and can open and create. DId you try the link  that I sent at the top of this thread? Which version of Windows are you using? Which version of OneNote. The linkto the known issue you refer to is from OneNote 2010
Please advise
SeeDkAuthor Commented:
This is on both Windows 7/10 and OneNote2010/2013.
The link you included has this note:

Note When you work with a SharePoint Online mapped drive on Windows 7, the mapped drive will not stay connected if the computer is restarted or you sign out. This is a known issue.

This is the issue I am trying to avoid.
Karen FalandaysTraining SpecialistCommented:
I will tell you that if you upgrade to WIn 10 and take the free upgrade to OneNote 2016, the issue should resolve itself. If you have O365, you would be best off to download the most up to date versions of Office 2016.

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