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Hi Experts,

we use PRTG to monitor the network / devices.
The vms were being monitored under the hosts.
so each vm host within vcenter had a bunch of servers
as soon as we do work on the network and the servers migrate to another host, netmon starts sending notifications that everything is down basically.

i am trying to re-design it so netmon is monitoring the vms no matter where they land directly.
what is the best way to go about it?>

thank you in advance
Ann AbedAsked:
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Bryant SchaperConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Maybe not a great answer or the correct answer, but we monitor our servers like they were physical, so they are not monitored through vcenter or the host
Ann AbedAuthor Commented:
I like it. thank you, i just ran a scan actually and waiting for all of them to get discovered that way and avoiding the whole vcenter for now, Unless someone has a better way.

thanks so much :)
Bryant SchaperCommented:
The nice thing about the vcenter sensor is that you get a lot of stats, but in our case it didn't have a few we wanted such as monitoring AD, iis or SQL for example.  So either you use that and another sensor or just monitor separately.   I would be curious to hear other thoughts, short of building custom sensors to add them to the VM sensor.
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