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I’ve got 3 x 2012 r2 DC, one of them is broken, I want to install 2016 on the broken one and upgrade others later, the new 2016 DC will be built with same name and IP as the broken 2012 one, is there anything special I need to do to get this back on the domain in terms of domain prep? Or removing the computer account?

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You need to remove the computer account (deleting it SHOULD take care of the metadata, but you should review the cleanup process anyway since I often find it doesn't properly remove it from Sites and Services or DNS).  If you have any roles on it, you'll need to seize them to another DC.

The process of promoting the DC in 2016 should handle the ADPREP stuff for you.

I would also take a backup of things first.  Just to be safe.

Does the broken DC hold any FSMO roles?
Can the broken DC still run DC promo?


Thanks, I have the broken DC up now, so I will demote it and remove from domain properly.

no FSMO roles.

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