Properly Count time in Excel

Hi Fellas, I'm trying to create an Excel workbook that will track the working hours of everyday, and in the end of the month could tell you how many hours you've worked, How many sick days,, how manmy days yoiu worked from home / out of office work ETC.

My current issue, is that I can't properly sum the hours at the end of the month (Please see attached file for example)
For those of you wondering what's with the "helping sheet" it's for people who' have their system set to Hebrew, so the B colomn would display the name wrong.

The problem is evident on Cell E34.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
David SankovskySenior SysAdminAsked:
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Saqib Husain, SyedEngineerCommented:
Change the number format from



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David SankovskySenior SysAdminAuthor Commented:
My apologies, File is attached now
David SankovskySenior SysAdminAuthor Commented:
Short, succinct and absolutely correct!

Thank you very much
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