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I am having Performance problems in Outlook. Notification: Outlook often crashes
So this is the situation.
Server 2012R2 RDS with 20 users.
Server 2012r2 With Exchange 2016 version 15.1 build 1034.26.

So what have we done already.
We disabled all Add-ins.
We disabled animations during unfold of conversations.
We disabled shared mailboxes but the problem still remains.
They are using Office 2016 Pro Plus.

Also this is the error from event viewer; EVNET ID Error; EventID Qualifiers="16384">63</EventID

Any suggestions?

Specs: 2x Xeon E5-2620v2 (16vCPU's assigned), 96GB RAM
More then enough storage, and disks aren't very busy

Note: this is a Terminal Server, Microsoft does not recommend using cached mode on a terminal server environment.
They are using outlook online.
Marcos SantoAsked:
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Marcos SantoAuthor Commented:
We are gonna export their archives to an external storage location. We cannot disable the anti-virus for security reasons. Also the virus scans are running at night. We hope this will improve the performance.
Hello ThereSystem AdministratorCommented:
Disable antivirus and see.
Virus scans cause this.
Marcos SantoAuthor Commented:
We found the soultion our selves. We exported all big archives wich improved the performance noticeable.
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