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Hi all

I have a query, which I am not sure is even possible to solve.

I am currently using RDS 2012R2 to publish an application to remote users. This particular application has a pre-req that the user has a P: mapped to a particular share containing the core database to the application.

Will simply applying a drive mapping GPO to the user using the required drive mapping and drive letter allow a published app to be aware of that particular location when running on a session host?

Richard FletcherSenior Wintel AnalystAsked:
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you can add map drive with required letter In GPO, but apply this GPO to OU containing RDS server and not users OU
same time enable loop back processing in same GPO so that no matter who logged on terminal server everybody will get GPO and subsequent map drive and then check if your application works, it should work as long as application understand map drive
Richard FletcherSenior Wintel AnalystAuthor Commented:
Hi Mahesh

Thanks for the information.  I will give this a go and report back how I get on.


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