Spell check not working in Word


Spell check is not working in Word 2016.

All the proofing options look correct in backstage view, and I have done a quick repair of office, but I can type gobbledegook and Word doesn't bat an eyelid, nothing is underlined in red.

However, strangely, on older documents, when I open them, it underlines in red some words.

But if I open up a brand new document and start typing rubbish, it allows anything to be typed.

I then select the text of the document and go to Review > Language > Set proofing language and see that "Do not check spelling or grammer" is ticked. When I untick it, the problems with spellings are highlighted in red, and it will also spell check from then on in real time as I type.

ANy suggestions on why the correct settings are not working as expected, only on new documents?

The backstage settings look the same for both new and old documents.

Thanks in advance
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Kathy JacobsSocial media geekCommented:
I wonder if the spell checker and grammar options have been turned off in your normal.docm file. If this is the case, you will need to edit the normal.docm file, turn the options back on, and save it.

The generalized path to find the normal.docm is:
C:\Users\user name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates
(Remember to change "user name" to your user name.)

A good trick for knowing if the problem is your normal file is to open a new email and see if these options are turned on there. Why? Because Outlook and Word use different normal files. If it is on in one place and not the other, it's the normal files.

Hope this helps!
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I have done a quick repair of office,

1, Uninstall Office 2016, restart, and then reinstall Office 2016 and patch.  See if that works.

2. If not, make a new, test Windows User Profile (Account). Log into the new Windows Account, set up Word and test spell check.
mewtdAuthor Commented:
HI Kathy - as a test run I went into the normal.docm file on my own PC,but it's a blank page. I opened it in notepad, and it had indecipherable text, but something there in the file...

Not sure, in other words, how to edit the settings of that file...
Kathy JacobsSocial media geekCommented:
Mewtd, yes - it is going to be a blank page. (After all, that's how Word opens on your machine - right?) Once the file is opened with Word, go to File--> Settings and turn on the spellchecking options. Close Word. When prompted to save the changes for the normal.docm file, click yes/save. Your settings will be updated for each new document you open from that point forward.
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