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Limiting what shared printers can be seen from "Add printer"

Hi all,

We have a number of customers in the same AD 2008 domain. The customers are separated in different OUs and each have their own domain controller within the domain. This is working well in all aspects.

But when searching via "Add printer" in the control panel from the customers Windows 7/10 machines, customer A can see customer Bs printers. Setting security permissions on the printers them selves does not fix this, as you can then still see the printers not just print to them if you lack permissions. The printers for each customer are shared from each customers domain controller.

Is there anyway to limit so that user within customer A only sees printers shared from customer A's domain controller and so on?
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Thanks for your reply!

The customers are already separated in different sites, one per customer. How would you go on to determine which site shows what printers?
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Well... Just as in the article I linked in above answer. You should have a read ;)

In "Sites and Services" you would populate the Location-entry for each site.

Same goes for your printers. Each printer gets provided a location-entry for whatever site the printer belongs to.

In GPO you activate "Pre-populate printer search location".

Users who search for printer would automatically search in the "prepopulated search location"
Thanks alot, I appreicate it!