How to deploy a host file via Group Policy to all users

We need to deploy a new host file to all of our users pc.
I wanted to do this a via the GPO. Is this possible and if so, how can we accomplish this?
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When u assign users ip config for vpn virtual adapter via dhcp, modify dhcp scope to use ad dns servers ip as dns server ip
M SCommented:
I guess whatever you are trying to accomplish, it would be a better approach to do it with DNS, but you can deploy files pretty easy through Group Policy Preferences...
see: Configure a File Item

I recommend explaining your goal and find a solution without playing around with hostfiles :)
vmichAuthor Commented:
Well we were having an issue when users logged in via VPN that they could not get to our intranet, but I just spoke to one of our network engineers and he is going to make the necessary changes via the vpn so that the users point to the internal dns servers.
M SCommented:
That's a far better solution than pushing a host file to every client.

Good to hear you went the "right" way.
vmichAuthor Commented:
Network changes via VPN for correct DNS servers
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