Need to have emails that are sent to dist group, when users email is added as TO,CC,or BCC, along with the Sales Dist,go to the users own email

I have some users that belong to a sales distribution group in exchange 2013 that when an email is sent to that group, it also get sent to the users own email address in the company. But the users have these emails funneling to a separate folder from their own inbox because there are just to many emails that get sent to the Sales Dist group and it makes a mess of their inbox.

So my question is, is there a way to have the emails that get sent to this Sales dist group go to the users own email if the users email is added  to the email that goes to the Sales dist group as a cc or bcc or TO.  Meaning the TO address is the Sales Dist group and the users own email or the CC or BCC would be the users own email but this would go to the user own email address?
Hope this make sense? I tried to be clear on what we need. :)
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timgreen7077Connect With a Mentor Exchange EngineerCommented:
if the recipients that are members of that group have rules set in outlook so that those emails get sent to a different folder, there is nothing you can do about this. once the email hits their mailbox their rule kicks in and moves it to the specified folder they chose. adding the user to cc or bcc could help but it all depends on their rules. they can even set the rule saying if they are cc'ed move the mail to this folder. Not much you can do for this.
MichelangeloConnect With a Mentor Independent ConsultantCommented:
Hi vmich,
Following your description, I assume users file email in separate folders using Rules (or filters) that check TO field.
It is possible to define rules based on CC field. So you would have to create a higher priority rule with a criteria for your name in CC and make sure you file that mail wherever it suits you, then check the box for stopping rule execution for that message.
vmichAuthor Commented:
edit existing outlook rules and add exceptions
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