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Retention Policy in Veeam to restore data one year old from the CIFS repository

Hi Veeam Experts

we are using Veeam 9.5 to backup our environment

we have virtual Veeam backup server - physical veeam proxy server - CIFS share from our backup NAS with 10 G speed

so we backup to disk - then we clone to taps

and i just started to create jobs but  i am confused about Retention Policy in Veeam

for example

i want to backup exchange server with ability to restore one year old emails from the CIFS share without using taps

so what the number i have to give in the configuration wizard for  Retention Policy


i want to use Synthetic Full Backup


and do you think in order to meet this also do you think i need to enable monthly active full backup


so kindly advice me what number i have to put in Retention Policy in order to get this result

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Dariusz TykaICT Infrastructure Specialist Senior Commented:
Hi sword12,

for long term archiving Veeam uses GFS (grand father, father, son) retention policy. Unfortunately this one can't be set directly on B2D job. GFS retention policy can be configured on tape media pools or for backup copy jobs. You can read more here:
So in your case you can copy your backups to another Veeam repository using backup copy jobs and GFS retention policy or create GFS tape media pool and store data on tapes using GFS scheme.
sword12Author Commented:
Thank you for this information

But what if we don't have tape library

Can we create another cifs share and tell veeam to but long term backup there so veeam will treat this repository as a tape library

Another point do. we have a procedure inside veeam to backup to CIFS then later clone this backup to tape library

Another point do we have a procedure to migrate repository to other repository and Veeam automatically will know about the new location to the backup files

Thanks a lot again for your feedback
Dariusz TykaICT Infrastructure Specialist Senior Commented:
Once you mentions you don't have tape library and later on you tell about procedure to clone backups to tape library. So you have it or not?
You can have several Veeam repositories and use backup copy functionality to copy backup files from your primary repository to second one for long term archiving. When backups are copied to second location Veeam will automatically update local configuration and you will have possibility to restore data directly from both locations.
sword12Author Commented:
We don't have it now

But we will buy one for this I asked about what if we have one

And how we can Handel long time backups if we don't have it

For seak if knowledge
Dariusz TykaICT Infrastructure Specialist Senior Commented:
If you don't have it yet then as I mentioned second repository and backup copy job with GFS retention will allow you for long time archiving.
When you have it then GFS tape media pools are what you need to look at.
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