Powershell Send-SmigServerData command as Admin

Hi Guys

Powershell Problem.

I'm using 'Server Migration Tools' to migrate 'User Personal' data from a Windows Server 2008 Standard to a Windows Server 2012 R2.

Installing the tools and the send and receive connectors on Source and destination servers is fine. But, when I run the 'ServerMigration.psc1' on the 2008 server so that I can run the Send-SmigServerData.... command I get told:

Send-SmigServerData : This cmdlet requires Administrator permissions. Open Windows Powershell with admin privileges.

I cannot right-click the .psc1 file and 'run as' admin so instead I have opened the 'Run' dialog box and run the following:

PowerShell -NoExit “C:\Windows\System32\ServerMigrationTools\DeploymentFolder\SMT_ws08_x86\ServerMigration.psc1”

This runs and opens the script just fine but when running the Send-SmigServerData command again I now get the following error:

The term 'Send-SmigServerData' is not recognised as the name of the cmdlet.

I need to run the ServerMigration.psc1 script as Admin and for the PS Window to stay open so that the Send-SmigServerData command can be run.

In advance thank you for your support.
CTCRMInfrastructure EngineerAsked:
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From the Run menu, use
powershell.exe -PSConsoleFile "C:\Windows\System32\ServerMigrationTools\DeploymentFolder\SMT_ws08_x86\ServerMigration.psc1" -NoExit

Open in new window

Or open an administrative PowerShell console any which way you prefer, and in this console enter
& "C:\Windows\System32\ServerMigrationTools\DeploymentFolder\SMT_ws08_x86\ServerMigration.psc1"

Open in new window

Or open an administrative Command prompt (cmd.exe) any which way you prefer, and enter (including the empty pair of quotes!)
start "" "C:\Windows\System32\ServerMigrationTools\DeploymentFolder\SMT_ws08_x86\ServerMigration.psc1"

Open in new window

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CTCRMInfrastructure EngineerAuthor Commented:
Hi oBdA
The 3rd option worked for me so thank you for that.

However, I'm getting the 'Starting the connected transport failed', so I have ensured that the Local Users & Groups were Exported/Imported but still getting the same connected transport failed.

I may have to use GS Richcopy 360 or even a Robocopy...
Question answered.
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