Active Directory Policy and Procedures doc or template

Is there a Active Directory Policy and Procedures doc or template? My company is requesting one that includes procedures for user account creation, GPO, DNS, ..etc and also steps in  terminating an admin if they leave the company. Just need some standard doc and I can modify to fit my company's needs.
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Dean ChafeeIT/InfoSec ManagerCommented:
SANS has many security policy templates. not sure if there is an AD specific one, but here is the directory of them:

It's a good start for developing a standards and policy/procedure library.
CiscoAznAuthor Commented:
Thanks but i really need one for Active Directory and they don't have it.
Kevin StanushApplication DeveloperCommented:
I'm not sure you are going to find such a single document, as some of the things on your list are going to be company-specific.  Take user management for example.  Some AD installations will use the builtin tools, ADUC/ADAC, while others may use 3rd party tools like ours, Hyena, while others have home-grown powershell solutions.  Some will let just admin create users, while other sites may have delegated rights to other groups and let these non-admin users create them.

For some items like DNS and GPOs, you might be able to find a best-practices document on Microsoft's site, but again, how you configure even those systems are dependent on how you have your directory configured.

Probably searching for 'administrator termination' will yield ideas on policies to know which systems to secure, etc.  If each admin has their own account, and you never use a generic admin account for services and the like, technically terminating an admin would not be much different than any other employee, absent the knowledge.
CiscoAznAuthor Commented:
I used the SAN template to help assist me.
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