Windows 8.1 to 10 Upgrade Constant Restart

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Hello, i am using the Windows 10 upgrade assisant on my Win 8.1 pro, and it will say downloading windows 10, hit 100% and then start over from 0 and then the same process over and over again. Any thoughts?
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Can you start and stay in Windows 8>  Update all drivers, BIOS, and Chipset. Then uninstall your Anti Virus and any other legacy software. Restart and try upgrading again.

Any Windows 8 machine we say that was up to date with respect to the above and had modern software upgraded properly to Windows 10.
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Use the media creation tool which can be downloaded from Microsoft here

Click on the "Download Tool Now" option. Not the Update one.
Once downloaded tell it you want to download ISO to local PC or USB.
When completed run the upgrade from the ISO (On USB or local, I suggest USB) and try if that succeeds.
Your regular download might be having issues. Hence getting the full ISO could resolve such issues.
Yeah I agree with Maclean.  My go to whenever I have to install a program that has to download something else and there is an issue, is always to look for an offline installer or offline way to do it, which in this case would be to create installation Media.  Be sure to take an image of the computer before doing any of this.

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