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I've a kid that likes to play with keyboard and power/restart buttons in the case, so, is there a way that I can make windows ask for a password when I try to shut down or restart?

OS: Windows 8.1

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Mohamed MagdyCTOAsked:
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Andrew LeniartSenior EditorCommented:
Your main problem is going to be the Power On and Power Off button on your computer case. Go into BIOS settings and see if the mainboard you're using provides an option to disable the Power Switch and Restart buttons. I'd be surprised if you could, but worth a look.

A quick and dirty way to fix it would be to open the case and pull the wires from both the Power and Restart buttons, effectively making them useless. The only way you could force shutdown then (in the case of a frozen operating system) would be to pull the power cord from the back of the PC  :)
Avdhu SinghCommented:
You'll notice in the examples, both commands end up with a value of "0", this is the index value that defines the action, and you must change it to reflect what you want the power button to do. If any error in the iTunes Error 56 this type;

Here are the available values you can use with their respective action:

0 -- Do nothing.
1 -- Sleep.
2 -- Hibernate.
3 -- Shut down.
4 -- Turn off the display.

If your computer doesn't have support for hibernation, remember not to use the index value of 2.
I think this is helpful to you.

You can password protect your account, and just lock it when you walk away from your machine.

This should be a basic thing regardless, and it also stops the 'cat on keyboard' issues too ;-)

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Andrew LeniartSenior EditorCommented:
With regards to the operating system, why not just disable the keyboard and mouse when away from the PC?  I mean just physically pull them out of their USB ports.
Mohamed MagdyCTOAuthor Commented:
@Andrew, Actually it happens when I'm using the PC, he comes out of nowhere and pushes the button :))

Thanks all for your help.
Mohamed MagdyCTOAuthor Commented:
I appreciate your comments, thank you :)
Andrew LeniartSenior EditorCommented:
Actually it happens when I'm using the PC, he comes out of nowhere and pushes the button :))

Haha! The joys of parenthood :-)
You can disable the power button action (which is: shutdown by default) in power options - that means disabling the software shutdown. That way, he will need to press for at least 4 seconds to make it shutdown (which is a hardware shutdown).
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