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Problem calling Outlook via MAPI

From our application (.NET) we start Outlook via MAPI. For a customer (on several PCs) we now have the problem
that the mail dialogue only appears after approx. 5s. If the mail is subsequently sent, the Outlook dialog is closed
and our application is not responding anymore. The application is finally closed by Windows.
In the event log, "combase.dll, version: 10.0.16299.15, timestamp: 0x811a4962" is output as a faulty module. The mail itself was sent.

Outlook 2016 Version 1801 Build 9001.2171 / Windows 10 Pro.

Since the problem occurs on multiple PCs, it can not be a local problem. Suggestions what the problem could be?

General question, how can errors be intercepted that occur within unmananged codes (combase.dll) without our application crashing,
and is there a way to start the Outlook mail dialog modal via MAPI, with Thunderbird does this work?

Thank you very much
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