Scheduled task will not run in WIndows 10

I have a local task built on my Windows 10 machines.  It runs the command shutdown -s -t 30 every night.  It works fine on Windows 7 machines but is not working on my Windows 10 clients.  Can you tell me what could be causing the stoppage?
David ImbrognoAsked:
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Andrew LeniartSenior EditorCommented:

Please try to use / to set the shutdown switches.

Ie:  Shutdown.exe /s /t 30

I'd also recommend using the /f switch, as in "Shutdown.exe /s /f /t 30"  (Forces closing of any open programs)

Hope that's helpful.
Farbood NajafiSystem AdministratorCommented:
Try to schedule with  administrator user
Hello ThereSystem AdministratorCommented:
It doesn't really matter which kind of switch you use.
Make sure the task in Enabled. Also you need to use elevated account as mentioned above.

You have to use -f switch since there are some processes running and Windows will not allow you to get over it.
Try it with -f switch and see the difference.
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Andrew LeniartSenior EditorCommented:
@Hello There
The /f switch is implied if /t is greater than zero anyway.

I just prefer to include it - commands in my experience don't always perform as designed. It's also handy if you set /t to zero in the future. Including it does no harm and can prevent issues at a later date.
David ImbrognoAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the help
Did it make a difference to add /f? It should not.
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