need workgroup computers to access homegroup shared folders

Odd setup at a small office.  There are currently 4 computers (win 7 pro)  at an office that are in a workgroup.  The workgroup is called workgroup.  They had 4 new computers (win 7 pro) delivered today that are in a homegroup called "Construction"  Now, on the 1 of the new computers is a shared folder  (shared to everyone, read/write) that the other 3 new computers can access because they are in a homegroup with each other.  How can I have the CURRENT 4 computers in the workgroup "workgroup" also be able to see the shared folder and access it?
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Travis MartinezConnect With a Mentor Smoke JumperCommented:
If the folder is shared with permissions for "everyone" to be able to have full control, permissions set at the folder level on the "Construction" workgroup systems, then simply adding a mapped network drive to the original 4 should work.  You can also add a shortcut on each system to the UNC path if mapping isn't an option.

Since it's a small shop, why not change the workgroup to Construction as well and setup the home sharing with those?

Although I will say that having a home group established at an office is probably not the most secure setup and not necessarily ideal.  Especially if "Documents" are shared between systems...
mkramer777Author Commented:
The 4 current computers are going away for the new ones.  I Wanted to network them all so I could copy files. And not have to use a flash drive. But I guess the quickest way would be a flash drive and I don't have to worry about any of it
Travis MartinezSmoke JumperCommented:
I'm assuming that you have an Administrator account on each that could be used to access each system via the admin share and use the Administrator's credentials.

For example from one system you could use copy C:\users\user_name\Documents to \\system_name\c$\users\user_name\Documents

If they are new systems and you're moving the entire directory structure you can use robocopy with the mirror option but that will also remove anything on the target that doesn't exist on the source.  There are other switches though that won't.
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