Music APP for IphoneX

I am looking for an application that can play music on my Iphone .
I don't mind paid app.
I tried few but either it needs streaming music, either it doesnt create a playlist....etc..

I need it to be able to create a playlist and keep my music offline - I do NOT want streaming or online.
I have my own library that I want to create and play.
Preferably not using Itunes...

I have Iphone X.

Pierre AmmounIT ConsultantAsked:
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Kyle SantosQuality AssuranceCommented:
Hi Pierre,

It sounds like your needs are essentially what I figured out for my own situation a few weeks ago!  I wanted to have access to my music and be able to access it from any device I use.  I wasn't keen on using iTunes (Or other music streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, etc) either and I found Plex Pass does very well in suiting my needs.  Here is the discussion we had about this.

In the end, I paid $4.99 in the iPhone app store for Plex app  It was a one time purchase and I've loved it ever since!
Pierre AmmounIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reference I will check it and let you know.
I have few questions though.
1- since th music files are with me why can't I "put" them on the iPhone and have any music app play those files ?
I mean is that complicated to do for IOS. ?

2-With th solution you are advocating for there are no subscriptions right ? I move the files to the cloud and using the app I play those files from "that" cloud ? How can I play them offline ? If I don't have internet access ?
Or I missed something ?
The cloud I am moving my music too.. doesn't have a fee per size I upload there ?

Pierre AmmounIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
One more thing...
If I use ITunes and copy the music to iTunes library.
And I sync my phone with iTunes... it says synced but where are the music files located on the phone ? How to access them ?

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Kyle SantosQuality AssuranceCommented:
1- since th music files are with me why can't I "put" them on the iPhone and have any music app play those files ?
Mmm good point.  I think I better understand your need now.

For my situation, I had a computer at home that I put my music files on and installed Plex Server app.  Then I put the songs in Plex server.
 Then on my iPhone I paid $4.99 for the app and logged in as the Plex client and play my music, videos or tv shows from the app.  So essentially my computer at home is my server for my ability to stream content on other devices I own.

The downside of this setup is if my computer shuts down or my router turns off or the internet is down at my house, then I don't have access to that media on my iPhone anymore.

I mean is that complicated to do for IOS. ?
Heh, well, I don't think its complicated, but more that this is intentional; Apple wants you to use iTunes.  =)
In our Plex discussion iTunes is talked about as an option, but for me I didn't want to use iTunes because I also wanted to be able to use my Roku.  Fortunately, Plex doesn't discriminate whether its Apple, Android or whatever.

If I use ITunes and copy the music to iTunes library.
And I sync my phone with iTunes... it says synced but where are the music files located on the phone ? How to access them ?
From what I remember when I used to use iTunes to play my music files was that you had to use iTunes to get them onto your iPhone; sync them over or import them to the iPhone.  The files are essentially there on the iPhone and accessible 'offline' and can be played with iTunes.  I don't know of a way to go around Apple's set.  I imagine Android users have it easier than we iPhone users when trying to do something like you're needing.

Overall, I believe iTunes is your only option.  I've used iTunes to manage my library of music before.  Its great and I can access my music 'offline' with this app.

However, my needs now had me ask that question I referenced earlier because I wanted more flexibility with access from multiple devices.

Let me know if you have any other questions.
Pierre AmmounIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help and yes I do have some questions :-)

1- I did copy some music files to iTunes on my Windows PC (I don't use Mac).Then I synced with my phone.
Then I'm stuck... what app do I use so that it is shown on my mobile and ai can play those files ?
2-If I use the iTunes when I backup my phone to the cloud does it backup also my library or not ?
3-Your setup (using ur pc as a server ) is nice but I don't need this setup. Is there a way I could use a cloud storage for that ? Suppose I have my music on Dropbox or gdrive ... can I use the Plex setup ?
Last but not least basically my need is rudimentary :
I have a set of music files that I want to copy to my iPhone so that I can listen to them !
How do I do that ?
Thanks again !
Pierre AmmounIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
One more thing...

I managed to find them on iTunes and sync them and it says synced (so they are on the device ?

But my problem now is what app to use to play the music ??

Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:

If I focus on using iTunes for a few minutes .. iTunes is really the best game in town for managing music files on your iPhoneX from a PC .. can you clarify why you don't want to use it?

On iOS the MUSIC app is the one which accesses and plays the music files from iTunes 2018-02-24_08-08-00.png .. open that app ( it MUST be on your iPhone screen somewhere as you cannot delete it)

Starting with iTunes and the iPhone connected your PC .. click the small DEVICE icon button near the top left  of iTunes window and it should display your iPhone X and all its settings.

In the left sidebar you'll the  MUSIC section, select that.

Then in the main part of the screen you CHECK the box to SYNC MUSIC.

Thereafter you need to decide if you want to copy ALL music .. or just certain Playlists, Artists, Albums .. you have a lot of control here.

Finally you click APPLY to save your settings and the SYNC process begins.  

Personally I have just a number of playlists and artists selected and from time-to-time I change them.

The only things to watch out for .. use iTunes on the PC to play some of your music files and check they are ok .. they either need to be MP3 or a limited number of  DRM-enabled formats such as AAC.

There are VERY FEW options to play locally stored music on an iPhone apart from the iTunes-MusicApp

You could try Flac Player -
You install on the iPhoneX .. then you can drag and drop files into the Flac Player folder using iTunes which copies them to the iPhoneX .. you can then play the music .. but it doesn’t have the playlist feature of Music app and iTunes.

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Pierre AmmounIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much for the Step by step for iTunes.
I think it is good enough for me at this stage !
Last question If I backup my iPhone to the cloud will it take my music files too if I choose the iTunes path ?

Thanks again !
Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
NO .. iCloud backup will backup Photos but not local music copied from your PC .. and any music purchased on iTunes online .. the purchase record allows you to re-download it so the backup doesn't need to include that either.
Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
If you copied the music into iTunes on your PC .. then Apple assume that your music is backed up on the PC anyway so no need to copy it to iCloud backup
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