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I would like to purchase a NAS box  for additional storage for use in a small business. I would like  about 40 TB of hard drive space. and would like to  to have the hard drives  configured with RAID to limit hard drive failure

Can someone give me some recommendations ?
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nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
QNAP has working devices.
Just hink about disks... for 40TB storage  with 8 slots / system   say using raid 6 means you will need at least 7TB drives...
for Raid 5 (one parity disk) you will need at least 6TB drives....

So 8 TB disks seems required.  Be sure to find NAS type disks (WD RED , NOT green /blue/...)
Travis MartinezSmoke JumperCommented:
This is really an open ended question because there are some caveats that go along with storage.  Are you looking for anything performance based or simply a file target?  40 TB can be really expensive or relatively inexpensive; the question is how often will the NAS be accessed and by how many users.

Often times a storage target is purchased simply on the amount of space and ability to share data without thought of performance access.  You did state it was a small shop.

Something like a Synology DS1817 with large drives can provide the space and RAID protection but it may not be the best in performance access.
syarmushAuthor Commented:
I am looking for data files and local backups.  we have 3 admins- they would  be the only ones accessing it. If you know any other brans\ models let me know
Travis MartinezSmoke JumperCommented:
There's also the Buffalo Tech TerraStation that's similar in price and capabilities...
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