Cannot login into Facebook on phone restored from backup

My husband's iPhone 7 Plus was not working properly (microphone often did not work).  Phone was replaced.  I backed up original phone to iTunes.  All apps worked perfectly on original phone. On restored phone I cannot open his Facebook account or FB Messenger. When I enter his FB login a new empty account opens. When I do a search for his name, in from my Facebook page,  his name display three times.  One has his actual profile picture.  The other two are empty accounts with no profile picture.  I worked with AT&T Pro Techs for over five hours without success.  I have emailed Facebook, but I have no idea how long it will take to receive a reply.

How can I get rid of the two fake accounts and open his real account? His userid is his mobile phone number.  He has only ever had one mobile phone number.

HELP my husband is going through extreme withdrawal.

FB Accounts
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Brent FugettIT SpecialistCommented:
Do the fake accounts accounts show up on a PC web browser?  If so it's an issue on Facebook.   if not I would clear the application data on the iPhone then uninstall and reinstall Facebook on the phone.  You may have done corrupt data.
Kyle SantosQuality AssuranceCommented:
Do the fake accounts accounts show up on a PC web browser?
Yes, they do.

There probably isn't anything you can do about these two other results showing up.  While I see that last name is not as common as smith or johnson, it could mean someone else actually has the same name...unless you know specifically that you accidentally created those two accounts?  Whatever the case is, I don't believe you need to worry too much about those other accounts.  If you're adamant about them being removed I think the only thing you can do is contact FB support and request they be removed and/or report the profile(s).
open his real account? His userid is his mobile phone number
Go here

What happens when you submit an email or phone number?  Does the account recovery process begin?
LindahqAuthor Commented:
Brent Fugett - I have gone through the uninstall/reinstall FB and FB Messenger at least three times on the new phone.  No change.

Kyle Santos - your instructions (on the PC) result in the Reset Password screen (screen shot attached).  The profile picture of one of the empty accounts is shown.

When I allow one of the empty accounts to open it has a list of suggested friends.  The first one is my husband's real account.  That is followed by all of his friends.
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Brent FugettIT SpecialistCommented:
LindaHQ if the issue exists on the web in addition to any mobile apps it just about has to be a Facebook issue.  I'm afraid you'll have to depend on them for help with this.
Kyle SantosQuality AssuranceCommented:
I'm afraid you'll have to depend on them for help with this.
Right.  Unless there is some front end interface that allows you to solve this issue now, opening a support ticket with Facebook is your best option and to wait for them to cleanup this situation of what looks like multiple accounts.  Looking at what their 'support' actually is is just based on reporting content to them.  For example, report those profiles and explain that the cell phone number is on the wrong account, and obviously the other miscellaneous accounts should be removed so as not to cause confusion for people who are trying to contact your husband by name.

I believe your reports will be filed here and actioned by Facebook whenever they get around to helping you.
The profile picture of one of the empty accounts is shown.
What happens when you choose 'Not you' option?  It looks like at some time that duplicate account was created and is now assigned your husband's cell number.

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LindahqAuthor Commented:
Thanks for al of your ideas.  I posted the issue on my Facebook page and have had several people reply they have the same issue.  So far they have not been helped by Facebook.  They finally gave up and opened a new account.  I found the Facebook page and have been posting the issue on every thread they have going, and sent a Message,  So far no reply, but I'm not giving up.  THANKS!!!
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