Printing BarCodes to a dot matrix program from within a DOS Cobol program

I have a client that runs an accounting program that was written in Cobol about 30+ years ago. This program runs inside a DOS environment. About 15 years ago, we introduced an enhancement to their invoicing program that prints barcodes on their invoices which contain the invoice #. We use this later on in their invoicing process to automate scanning and naming the invoices. The way we accomplished this was by buying for lack of a better word, a parallel port dongle, that had barcode fonts in it. We were then able to put some print initialization strings in text boxes in the invoice format program, and then the barcode would print out on the dot matrix printer as the invoice was printed. Now the device is a zillion years old, the client still uses the same software, but would like to get rid of the "dongle" Does anyone have any idea of how one might go about accomplishing this without the "dongle"
Rick RudolphAsked:
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andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Can you confirm whether the dongle was in-line between the PC's parallel port and the printer or was it in a separate port?
Rick RudolphAuthor Commented:
The dongle is inline with the parallel port. I was just told on a listserv that the printer we are using, has built in bar code fonts, so I think I will close this question for now, but may reopen it if I have problems with that.

Thank you for your quick reply.
Such adapters were fairly common but I don't think dongle is the right word. Dongles normally lock software licenses in and they are a pain to clone old ones. Dongles dangle, they're single ended not inline shunts in my book. But it's a new word so poorly defined.
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