Echange rule action: "Prepend text to subject line" ... how to ?

Hi friends,

I have a problem with Outlook ... 2010 as far as I remember by now (not sitting in front of it) and an Exchange 2010 or -13 server.

I have some account that receives emails, which are consumed by some other program via IMAP. That works well, and is not core of the problem.

The external software uses two categories of messages, which need to get presorted and flagged in the subject line. I need to do that with server side rules, because the funktion needs to be active 24/365.

While I have no problem with the rule conditions, the minimalistic set of rule actions drives me crazy.  The moving of the messages into 2 separate folders ist easy, but flagging the messages by prepending a marker like [blah blah] to the subject line seems to be impossible for user rules.

Any hint for that ?
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Jason CrawfordTransport NinjaCommented:
frankhelkAuthor Commented:
That's it. Unconvenient, 'cause it needs the server admin to implemnt and maintain it, but at least it works.

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