Database Engine Cannot Find the Object

Simple export code with perplexing error.

My MS Access database refuses to export all of a series of queries as pipe-delimited text files. At first it was giving me an error message saying "...database engine could not find the object..." and then naming the object but replacing the period/dot (.) before the file extension with a pound/number sign (#). After I imported all db objects into a clean database with and recreated the import specs the # disappeared, but the error message remains.

The queries are all virtually the same, just filtered differently. I tried creating multiple Export Specs, but that only had limited success. I've tried shortening the names of the queries and exported files - nothing. I've tried creating a table with the same name from each query and exporting that, deleting it and re-creating it with the new set of data - zilch. I've artificially created the files. The database deletes it and then exports a new version - or doesn't. I have full access to the server and folder, and the same error occurs (sometimes) even when I test on a local folder on my laptop. I even tried removing all the underscores from the query/file names, but it didn't make a damn bit of difference.

I'm at a complete loss. There are no periods/dots in the file name, only in the *.txt part.

Basically, the export line is, in essence, this:

     DoCmd.TransferText acExportDelim, "ExportPipeDelimited", "File_Name", "C:\Folder\File_Name.txt", False

ANY help would be greatly appreciated.
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I don't see anything wrong if in "File_Name" is real name of your query.
Can you prepare small sample with exact code and some dummy tables/queries?
monboisAuthor Commented:
In the following code, the 'strFile' variable contains the name of the query to be exported as a pipe-delimited text file (per the 'ExpPipeDel' export spec), and the variable 'strPathFile' contains the full path and text file name with the '*.txt' ending. Even when everything is written out and I don't use variables, I still get the same error.

'   Export File
'   =========================================================================
    DoCmd.TransferText acExportDelim, "ExpPipeDel", strFile, strPathFile, False
I've asked sample DB. Code is correct, so error is anywhere else.
monboisAuthor Commented:
Craziest thing - I was assigned the variables with a a 'For i = 1 to 12' loop because there weren't that many queries to export. I decided to list the queries in a table and throw them into a recordset and voilà! Everything exported perfectly! I have no idea why a recordset works and the other way doesn't; the variables are the same, after all.

Thanks for trying to help.

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monboisAuthor Commented:
Discovered solution through my own experimenting without any helpful suggestions from anyone.
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