splitting a /28 into two /29's what are the gateways for the /29s?

I have a question about subnetting/supernetting at /28 to two /29s

if I start with a /28 block with the following info:
IP Block x.x.x.224/28
Gateway x.x.x.225
First Usable x.x.x.226
Last Usable x.x.x.238

The gateway for the first /29 stays the same (I believe).  What then is the GW for the second /29?  Wouldnt it be outside of the range?  

thank you
rymattcartIT DirectorAsked:
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TjnoConnect With a Mentor Network AdministratorCommented:
when divide a /28 subnet into 2 subnets of /29, the addresses are:

First network: X.X.X.224/29
- GW: X.X.X.225 (usually)
- First to Last usable address: X.X.X.226 -> X.X.X.231/29

Second network: X.X.X.232/29
- GW: X.X.X.233 (usually)
- First to Last usable address: X.X.X.234 -> X.X.X.238/29

The GW address was defined on your configurations, but usually we set it as the first address of the network
QlemoConnect With a Mentor Batchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
Since the gateway has always to be on the same subnet as the device, you need another gateway (address) in that subnet. It can be the same physical device (e.g. a router) having two IP addresses, one of each subnet; or a L3 switch acting as a router between VLANs.
So, the gateway will most likely by chosen to be x.x.x.233 with the second /29 subnet.
rymattcartIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
thank you both - this answers my question clearly
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