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What are some utilities or methods that I can use to reduce the size of screenshots & pictures within Windows programs?

I often take screenshots, use the snipping tool, or have graphs or pictures that I then paste into Word documents. These items take too much space and I need to reduce how much size they take on the page.

How can this be done?
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Dan Dhillon2nd/3rd line Support Engineer


You can paste the picture into word and click on the picture and crop it.
Robert FoxSystems Engineer
May I recommend http://www.irfanview.com/.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)
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Also save screenshots as .PNG as these are small. Most graphics files are not very compressible except by cropping as mentioned above.

Consider a small, large capacity USB hard drive powered by the USB port. Put little used or excess images on this and keep it in your briefcase. They are very light
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Andrew LeniartIT Professional | Freelance Journalist | Looking for Opportunities
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What are some utilities or methods that I can use .... How can this be done?

I come across the same need and find that quite often, the quickest way is to just use MSPaint. I always save any captures or images in png format.

Paste the image into Paint and then use the Resize Image option from the Image toolbar. Nice and quick.

My viewer of choice is Irfanview. This too has the ability to resize images quickly and easily with just a quick press of a couple of hotkeys. The entire process described below;

  • Double-click an Image to view it.
  • Ctrl+R to bring up the resize tool.
  • Set the new size to whatever I want, and hit the Enter key.
  • Ctrl+S, Enter, then Enter again to save the new image size.
  • Esc to exit the viewer and I'm done.

If that sounds long winded to you, it's actually not. Takes less than 10 seconds to resize an image with that process and the results are great. Has lots of other great options too. Irfanview is free and highly useful - give it a try.

Another great tool though I use on a daily basis is Screenshot Captor. I primarily use it for doing screen captures, but it also has some powerful editing and touch up features. It too can resize images. It's another tool I can highly recommend from personal experience and well worth a look.

Hope that's helpful.

Regards, Andrew
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I have been using Resize My Photos for a number of years for things like this.  It's simple enough, but robust enough when I want to resize a large number of files.  Unfortunately the program isn't actively supported, but does still work on current versions of Windows.  I had to go into the Wayback Machine to fine an working archived version of the developers website with a working download link of the latest version.  Here's that link in case you want to give it a test.

In looking for currently supported tools focused on this task I did come across these two that looked interesting, but haven't explored them myself yet.

NVITEnd-user support
If you have lots of existing files you need to reduce, you can use IrfanView's Batch Conversion option. Example for JPG format.
1. Press B to open Batch Conversion.
2. Pick Batch Conversion - Rename result files.
3. Choose Output format: JPG/JPEG
4. Pick Option.
5. Adjust Quality bar between Low and High. Pick OK.
6. Add you files on the right pane.
7. Pick Start Batch on lower left.
  1. select the image in the document
  2. click and hold the cursor down on one of the coroners and it changes to a +
  3. drag the corner towards the center of the image and the size will reduce
word resize image
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i use the image resizer : http://www.bricelam.net/ImageResizer/
Rather than msPaint, have a look at Paint.net
Andrew LeniartIT Professional | Freelance Journalist | Looking for Opportunities
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Rather than msPaint, have a look at Paint.net

Looks like a great little tool, but isn't that a bit like comparing a kids pedal car to a Porche? Both may have wheels but...  :-)
Shaun VermaakSenior Consultant
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Most screenshot utilities such as GreenShot and ShareX do this as part of the screenshot process
Joe WinogradDeveloper
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My EE article shows one way to do it:

Reduce the file size of many JPG files in many folders via an automated, mass, batch compression method

It is intended to handle the case of a large number of JPG files in a large number of folders, but the simple form of the command will work fine on a single screenshot, such as this to modify the input file in place:

gm.exe mogrify -quality 50 ImageIn.jpg

Or this to create a modified output file:

gm.exe convert -quality 50 ImageIn.jpg ImageOut.jpg

Input and output file types may be just about any image file types that you will encounter in Windows, such as BMP, GIF, JPG/JPEG, PNG, TIF/TIFF, etc. Regards, Joe
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the image resizer lets you pick the size,  - very useful i find
Top Expert 2013

how is it going Knowledgeable?  any comments?

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