Windows Server 2016 License Upgrade

I have a Windows Server with total 16 cores. I currently have a 16 Core standard license and run 2 x VMs on the Host. The host isn't on the domain and has no other roles.

I need to add another 2 x VMs. Do I simply need to buy another OEM 16 core Standard server license and stick the additional license sticker to the server chassis for good measure. Is it as simple as that or do I need to upgrade my current license in some way.

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MaheshConnect With a Mentor ArchitectCommented:
With additional license (oem also), you are entitled to run two more vms
You do not add the license to the host OS or the guest OS. You just need to have the necessary licenses to cover the vms you are running to be legal and be able to produce them if you are audited
wint100Author Commented:
So when I install the 2 new VMs, I just use the license key from the second license I purchase?
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no need to enter new key
You need to enter VLK to activate additional vms

you should have it from Microsoft licensing
wint100Author Commented:
I simply purchased a 16 Core standard license from a retailer so only have this license key
arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Echo mahesh, you add licensing to cover the additional VMs beyond the two included.

Depending on the VM, I.e. Is it cheaper to buy a full host server license and add two additional VMs as intended, or license each additional VM based on its resources.
I.e. The additional two VMs are two cores each......

Potentially, on direct VM licensing, you might at the same rate cover four additional VMs of two cores each compared to your current inclination of adding a full server license whose entitlement includes 2vms.
IF this is retail oem license, in that case you need to use 2nd license key on VM because I don,t think you can upgrade oem license
also you might need to contact Microsoft if you face any difficulty in activating 4th VM
wint100Author Commented:
OK thanks, so there's standard retail licensing as I've used before but also VM licensing options based on cores used?
To the best answer based on your circumstances, scenario, contacting ms licensing to determine the best available option for you
I.e a fully licensed server 2016 standard with two existing VMs and you'd like to add two additional VMs.

There has to be a middle ground between the 862 for the standard version and the 6,000 for the datacenter with unlimited for those who like yourself have a need for two, four additional VMs.
Only Windows VMs ..
Other VMs Linux.....
just two cores license can't help
for single physical CPU you need at least 8 core licenses in pack of two
for double physical CPU you need atleast 16 cores licenses in pack of two, then only u r legally u are entitled to run two additional vms on same host
All Microsoft licensing is for Microsoft OS in the guest only. Microsoft doesn't require licensing when using other other guest operating systems.

A retail or volume license for Windows Server may be better than OEM, as they can be moved to different hardware in the future. OEM licenses cannot be moved to a different host.

Note that in order to be able to legally upgrade to the latest builds of Windows Server 2016, they must be covered by Software Assistance.
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