Windows 10 Pro process to join an AD domain


Had to reinstall Windows 10 Pro on my workstation and am now trying to join my domain.  The prior Win 10 I had was an upgrade and it joined it automatically.  This was a fresh install.  

From what I gather, in the System area should be a 'Join a Domain' section.  I don't see that on this install.  Am I missing something here?



System section in Windows 10
Ben ConnerCTO, SAS developerAsked:
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Jason CrawfordTransport NinjaCommented:
You have to be a domain admin to join a workstation to an AD domain.  If you are, I just right-click 'This PC' in Windows Explorer and select Properties > Change Settings > Change.  Replace WORKGROUP with whatever the domain you're joining.
Ben ConnerCTO, SAS developerAuthor Commented:
Good grief.  It was that simple?  Yes, it was.  


Jason CrawfordTransport NinjaCommented:
Glad I could help.  Take care :)
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