VB6 - Find first and second sunday dates of 2 months


I'm trying to find the second Sunday date of February from current year and also the first Sunday date of December from current year.

The first Sunday date of February of current year would show in Text1 and the second Sunday date of December of current year would show in Text2.

How can i do this.

Thank you for your help
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Use this function:
Function GetNthWeekdayInMonth(iYear As Integer, iMonth As Integer, iTargetDOW As Integer, n As Integer) As Date
    Dim iFirstWeekDayOfMonth As Integer
    Dim dtFirstiTargetDOWinMonth As Date
    Dim dtFirstWeekday As Date
    iFirstWeekDayOfMonth = Weekday(DateSerial(iYear, iMonth, 1))
    dtFirstiTargetDOWinMonth = DateSerial(iYear, iMonth, 1 + ((iTargetDOW - iFirstWeekDayOfMonth + 7)) Mod 7)
    GetNthWeekdayInMonth = DateAdd("d", 7 * (n - 1), dtFirstiTargetDOWinMonth)
End Function

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So for the second Sunday in February
Text1.text = GetNthWeekdayInMonth(Year(Now), 2, vbSunday, 2)

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and the first Sunday in December:
Text2.Text = GetNthWeekdayInMonth(Year(Now), 12, vbSunday, 1)

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I seem to have clicked on the wrong thing, This question does not warrant a Gigs project.
Wilder1626Author Commented:
This is exactly what i needed. Thank you for your help.
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