New MacBook Hangs while using Chrome

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Brand New MacBook "Hangs" on web browsing

This was supposed to be a fast computer, but while I browse (Chrome) it hangs and the round Google Tab stops, with the whole machine completely unresponsive to any input from the keyboard or mouse. Then , about a minute later, all is forgotten and it works fine.

I got this machine days ago and it's happened at least 15 times over about 25 hours of use.

If I do not find an answer, this machine is going back to the store where I bought it.

It was on discount since the box was opened.

I really do not know what my next move would be.

Attached are the specs...

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That is a fast machine, so my guess is that it is an issue with Chrome.

1. Try Safari - How does that work?  

2. Uninstall Chrome, restart the MAC and then install Chrome again. Make sure there are no extensions installed. Does that work?
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I found there are other problems, so I am not going to debug Chrome locking up. It's going back to the store.
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Thanks for the update.  I am not sure what is the issue with the new machines.

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