Considering a switch back to Windows

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What are the costs of converting back to Windows?

I love my Mac, but have how two bad buying experiences in the past couple weeks. I am now considering NOT spending a bunch of money getting some new PAC and just going back to Windows.

I have an iPhone and use iCloud for data sharing, but even that has had technical troubles, to be honest.  Apple ID has let me down with log in problems, even the Apple Care seems to have trouble getting to work.

Any advice on dumping the whole platform and just saving a lot of money?

I have an iPhone 7, and intend to keep that. But I am not a power user at all.

I really dislike Windows 10, though. At least when it shows me all this flashing junk in all these different windows.

The new MacBook I bought for $2,400, where I would need to spend another $375 for Apple Care, has this problem where the machine hangs on me. As I use Chrome, the whole machine freezes. That is an ugly issue where I would rather return the machine that try and debug it. Also, it's got all these fancy keyboard option, BUT only three hours of battery life. Just like I told the sales rep, those bells and whistles use up all the juice.

So, I am losing faith in the Mac brand. Anyone want to try and restore it?

Or, what brand and model of Windows machine might be interesting to consider as an alternative?

What kinds of file issues might I have? I have all my data on Time Machine backups. I also use Carbonite.

How do I get my 450 GB of files over to Windows?

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What resources, application, functionality do you need?

Do you experience similar performance issues running /accessing safari,
Might the situation you are running when using chrome relate to flash components?
I.e. Would you be ok disclosing sires that lead to the freezing consequences?
Try any other browser if safari not apt,

Defining what you use and how you use the system ..
curiouswebsterSoftware Engineer


I think that Siri is to blame. I will disable it, thanks
David AndersTechnician

Starting with D key down will run Apple Diagnostics. It is rare, but bad RAM can cause this type of problem

Memory Clean 2 will track memory use and has a menubar notification

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