formatting string output

Hello, I am trying to get the formatting for my output (results) to match up with the header. I cant seem to get it to align irregardless of the values under the header.  Does anyone have a trick for this? Thanks in advance!
Desired output:
User Entry      Numbers Generated      Message                  Award
1, 2, 3            5,1, 3                          Two Matching      $100

import random
def lottery(x):
    set1=list(set(x)& set(win))
    if x==win:
        message='Three matching in exact order'
    elif x[0]and x[1]and x[2] in win==True:
        message='Three matching, not in order' 	
    elif len(set1)==2:
        message='Two matching' 	
    elif len(set1)==1:
        message='Any one matching'
    elif len(set1)==0:
        message='No matches'
    header='{:>0}{:>20}{:>12}{:>17}'.format('User Entry','Numbers Generated','Message','Award')

def labMenu():
    print('Enter 1 for Lottery')
    print('Enter 2 for Rock, Paper, Scissors')
    print('Enter 3 to exit the program')

done = False

while not done:
    choice = int(input('Please make an entry: '))

    if choice == 1:
        print('Guess three numbers between 0 and 9')
        guess1 = int(input('Enter first guess: '))
        guess2 = int(input('Enter second guess: '))
        guess3 = int(input('Enter third guess: '))
        for x in range (0, 3):
            win.append(random.randrange(0, 9))
    elif choice == 2:
        #rps code

    elif choice == 3:
        done = True

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L WardAsked:
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If you want to align two formatted rows you have to specify a width for each column and the widths for the title column formatter and the data column formatters should be identical.

The format string for headers is '{:>0}{:>20}{:>12}{:>17}'   . Here the first columns does not have a width specified.
The format string for your data (results)  is {:>0}{:>13}{:>33}{:>8}. Here the first column also doesn't have a width specified and the other column widths do not match the width of the header formatter.

You can try to use the same formatter for both (which must specify a width for each (even for the first) column.

You could try for example:
 '{:>13}{:>20}{:>12}{:>17}'  for both

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